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DL2KCKīs short Biography

My name is Christian (Chris) and I was born in 1965. My first contact to the RF- virus was at the age of 12 years with a home made solid state transmitter for VHF - Broadcast. Some experience on CB Radio and BC- Listening followed the next years.

  I got my first licence in 1983 (DB9KG) after visiting DF6KCīs Ham Radio School in the local club nr. Koenigswinter.  10 month later I was able to upgrade my licence to the medium licence class (thanks to my CW teacher DF3KT) and received the call sign DH3KAM. Now I was able to operate on HF- Bands and nearly 1000 CW contacts in this short time improved my CW skills.  Two month later Iíve passed my exam for the highest German class and get my call sign DL2KCK. 

From 1983 I worked from different locations mostly portable and mobile because I was not allowed to build up antennas in my parents flat. Influenced by ham radio I have started an education for electronics in 1983. In the year 1985 a started to study electronic engineering in Cologne . In 1988 Iíve got my first job in a RF Lab were I was able to get a lot of experiences with radios, RF measurement and EMC testing. My antenna situation changed in 1989 when I moved away from my parents. The location was far from perfect and located in a small valley but I was able to build up my first "under roof" antennas. In 1990 after a married my YL Karin, I started to build bigger antennas. In the following years I was quite active with a 3el. triband yagi (FB-33 from Fritzel) powered by a FT-890 by YAESU und a SB-220 by Heathkit.  In 1993 Iíve founded my first company and was not very active on the bands for many years. We got our first daughter Helene in 1995 followed by our son Sebastian in 1997. In 1998 Iíve founded a new company together with my cousin whoís a computer scientist. Our company Reimesch Kommunikationssysteme GmbH www.reimesch.de is designing and selling wireless solutions but we also have ham radio products such as the ALPIN 100/200 and the SPE EXPERT 1K/2K power amplifiers.

In 2001 we decided to buy a home for the growing family, six moth later in the beginning of 2002 our second daughter Judith was born. The location for our new home was chosen very carefully with altimeters and topographic maps :-) but also to be not to far away from the old home to keep up social bindings for my wife and the children. 

Now on the one hand I was able to build bigger antennas and towers on the other hand it was a silent place without car traffic where our children were able to play on the street without risk. Iíve got infected by a new virus: contesting and participated in many contests (mainly on VHF).  I was also member of the contest group DF0BG for 4 years. In 2004 I decided to operate from my own station as a single operator. After reaching top rankings ( 2nd and 3rd place German wide in May und July 2005) on 2m I have started some activities in HF contesting too.

In 2008 I had some health problems and my doctor suggested less food and more sports so I started with cycling. These days (2013) I'm very active with my road bike and found another competion - bicycle races.

In the last 5 years I've improved my health significantly through these sports and lost around 40kg of weight but the big disadvantage is that my time for ham radio is very rare.